Shiny Baby

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Jogos Ensino Pedagógico
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Hey Shiny Baby! It’s time to put away your little cutie toys!

Do you want a natural way to help your toddler learn foreign languages? Do you want an easy way to get started learning and practicing foreign languages yourself? Then don’t hesitate to download “Shiny Baby,” a brilliant new app that teaches foreign language skills while instilling kids with the importance of organizing and cleaning up. By playing a fun game with happy music, both you and your kids will learn a wealth of English, Chinese, and Korean vocabulary. All you have to do is “pick up” all the new words, which have been carefully selected for this app.

Toys and other objects are scattered in several familiar places around the house, like the playroom, bathroom, and garden. Players need to put all the different toys into the box with the matching color. When you click on any of the objects, you’ll hear the name of the object in whichever of the three languages you’ve selected. Of course, it’s super easy to switch languages at any time during the game. To enhance your kids learning even more, the app also includes some special menus. For instance, in the “TOY BOX” menu, kids can click on any toy and hear the name of the toy as many times as they want. Or in the “PLAY QUIZ” menu, they can test themselves to see how many new words they’ve learned. It’s never been this much fun to clean your room! Go ahead and get started!

★ Features:
- Cute, colorful graphics that kids will love.
- Learn basic vocabulary—like book, hat, and doll—in English, Chinese, and Korean, giving kids a great head start for learning three different languages. Vocabulary is the foundation for learning any language, and playing a game is proven to be one of the best and easiest ways to learn and practice new words.
- A fun way to teach toddlers the good habit of cleaning up and organizing. In particular, 2-3 year old kids can develop and practice their color matching and sorting skills.
- In the “Toy Box” menu, listen, read, and repeat any words you want to learn.
- In the “Play Quiz” menu, test yourself to see how many words you’ve learned. Just pick the toy that matches the name in any of the three different languages. This is an easy and effective way to remember new foreign words.
- Easy to switch languages at any time.

★ Game Tips
- To get a high score, it’s not enough to put away all the toys one time. After you’ve put the toys away, touch the toy box to scatter the toys again, and then keep going for a higher score. But watch the clock, because there is a time limit.
- Watch out for cats, dogs, and elves who will try to interrupt your cleaning. Tap on them to kick them out, and boost your score even more.

★ Recommended for children 2 years & up, and everyone who is interested in learning new languages.